How to pick the right projector rental

So you want to rent a projector for your next event? Sometimes it can seem like a huge and very technical task but it’s actually pretty easy.

Projector rental can be broken down into these steps:

  1. How big is the room?
  2. What size screen do I need?
  3. How much ambient light is there?

Step 1, How big is the room? Screen size for your projector rental is determined more by the size of the room that by the size of your audience. If you have 100 people in a very small space, say 20′ x 20′, you can use a smaller projector screen since your audience will be very close to the screen. The larger the room the larger the screen needs to be.

Step 2, What size screen do I need? Let’s say you have the same 100 people in a 60′ x 60′space, the distance from the audience member furthest away from the screen is much greater than than in the smaller space. This requires a larger projector screen. Obviously the screen size is also determined by the height of your ceiling since you cant put a 10′ tall screen in a space with 8′ ceilings. As a general rule you take the audience member furthest away from the projector screen and divide by 6. So in out example our furthest audience member would be 60′ away, so 60/6=10. So if you can a 10′ screen would be ideal.

Step 3, How much ambient light is there? More ambient light and a larger projector screen translates into higher lumen output that you will need from your rental projector. In a space that has lots of windows or where the light can’t be dimmed you’ll need more power to overcome the room light.

Bottom line is that, depending on your space, you should pick the largest screen and highest lumen output that you can afford. In most cases out Standard Projector Rental will be just the ticket for larger venues try our Premium Projector Rental.

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